interests ★

the locked tomb, ffxiv, k3f, tamen de gushi, bloom into you, chainsaw man, guilty gear, the guy i was interested in wasn't a guy at all, how do we relationship, saw, pokemon + more

music ★

slipknot, vansire, deftones, rob zombie, rammstein, korn, cigarettes after sex, deftones, csh, the cardigans, ice nine kills, voltaire, tyler the creator, malice mizer, mitski, the scary jokes, e ve + moregenerally i'm into art/animation, yuri/GLs, dragons, ARGs/horror, and cute things


byf ★

if ur reading this from my art acc i don't post too often and i post whatever interests me atm so pls don't expect 1 specific fandom following me :P
i also usually don't sb/block unless i really have to

dni ★

ummm . idk. if ur weird...... i guess.... Lol


kins ★

+ more (sorry.)